BioTabs – Organic Slow Release Fertiliser Tablets
BioTabs Slow Release Fertiliser Tabs are great for use with all kind of flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees and shrubs, indoors or outdoors. The tablets provide a simple but comprehensive solution to the problem of providing a properly balanced organic plant fertiliser.
BioTabs contain a formula of slow-acting organic nitrogen, bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish meal, natural humic acids and 6 species of beneficial soil bacteria. The beneficial soil bacteria improve the soil and contribute to the good uptake of the fertilizers, resulting in uniformly healthy growth without leaching of the fertilizers. The unique combination of fertilizers and soil bacteria ensure healthy growth and healthy soil.
BioTabs fertilizer tablets are 100% organic.

NPK Ratio

BioTabs are suitable for plants grown in soil or coco, simply push the tablet(s) into the media to a depth of 5cm, the pot size that is chosen dictates how many BioTabs are required.

5 litre = 1 tablet
10 litre = 2 tablets
20 litre = 3 tablets
30 litre = 4 tablets
50 litre = 5 tablets

BioTabs are the perfect nutrient for low maintenance growing and are great for indoor and outdoor plants. When used with an Autopot or EasyFeed Self Watering System its simply a case of ensuring that the water butt is kept topped up.
If using BioTabs with a coco coir based media, it is a good idea to use an organic calmag such as British Organic Bio Calmag or BioBizz Calmag to assist vigorous growth and avoid any deficiencies.
Due to the organic nature of BioTabs and to avoid damaging soil life, it is good practice to leave the feed water overnight to allow chlorine to dissipate, alternatively you can use Ecothrive Neutralise to remove the chlorine.

  • 100% Organic
  • Contains 6 species of beneficial bacteria
  • Slow release nutrition
  • Simple to use
  • For heathy plants and soil
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Pack of 10, Pack of 100

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