BlueLab pH Pen
Bluelab have set the standards for digital pH and EC testing over the years and this great little pH Pen will allow you to measure the pH of your water or nutrient solution quickly and accurately with added bonus of also measuring the water temperature.

Once measured, you can then buffer your solution to the ideal pH for your plants. When the nutrient solution is the right pH, it will allow your plants to take up the maximum amount of nutrient and, therefore thrive!

pH meters are an essential part of any grow room set up which help maximise nutrient uptake. When  the pH is consistently incorrect it can lead to plant dificiences and even slower growth rates. To mantain meter accuracy calibrate this meter every 3 weeks with Buffer 4 and 7. This will ensure that the readings that you are getting are correct which will make for much happier plants. 

How to use
Simply immerse the meter’s sensor into the nutrient solution and take the reading directly. Allow for the LED display to stop flashing so the reading will be accurate.

  • Measures pH and temperature
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Hold reading function
  • Fully waterproof
  • Automatic temperature compensation
Weight 0.2 kg
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