British Organic Bio Organic Boost 1 Litre

Fully organic Triacontanol Boost

Triacontanol is a natural extract of bees wax that has been repeatedly been shown to boost photosynthesis by both academic scientists and commercial growers of high value crops.
However, liquids containing triacontanol rely on solvents and surfactants to produce a stable product.

These synthetic chemicals are not allowed under organic certification schemes for use in organic farming. B.O.B. Organic Boost is different. 
It is created using only materials allowed under organic certification processes and by a unique process to produce a stable product.

This method is so successful that we are able to offer a 0.2% solution, widely
considered to be ’super strength’ for a triacontanol-based product.


Apply 0.5ml per litre of water during the flowering or fruiting phase.


Microbial activity(beneficial bacteria and funghi) is a key part of organic gardening, to avoid harming the soil life we avoid using fresh tap water due to the presence of chlorine. We can use filtered water, leave tap water to stand for 24 hours or a simple solution is to apply Ecothrive Neutralise to instantly dechlorinate tap water.


  • Produced in the UK
  • Fully organic Triacontanol Boost
  • Promotes larger yields
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Super concentrated
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1 Litre



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