BudBox Pro Small 75cm x 75cm 100cm – White

BudBox Pro Grow Tents have a deserved reputation as some of the best tents available, this particular range uses BudBox’s unique flat white reflective inner lining material which offers effective reflectivity for all lighting solutions especially LED and HPS lights.


The White interior has been proven to reflect more PAR light(photosynthetic active radiation – simply the part of the light spectrum that plants use most effectively) while reflecting less heat than silver mylar. This means that BudBox’s White tents run cooler than standard mylar tents.

The exterior of the tent is manufactured from extra strong canvas with double stitched seams, super strong zips and double cuff vents to ensure that these tents are completely lightproof. Duct vents are 20% to accept acoustic ducting, passive vents are screened to keep pests out, waterproof drip trays are included and, uniquely, the BudBox Pro’s have a green viewing window to allow you to check your tent without letting out humidity or interrupting the light cycle.

Finally the frames, these are made from tempered high tensile 16mm steel poles with a 1mm wall for strength, have welded, steel corners and, unlike most brands, are powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance. they also features uplift bars to allow uninterrupted access for irrigation pipes.




  • Industry leading PAR reflectivity
  • Green viewing window
  • Double stitched seams
  • Main door clips
  • Screened passive vents
Weight N/A



Small – 75cm x 75cm x 100cm

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