CAN Isomax Silenced Fans

These unique diagonal tube fans are designed to be efficient, powerful and very quiet.

The fan itself is enclosed within a silencer, lined with acoustic foam, this keeps noise to a minimum.

Isomax Silenced Fans are perfect for use when you need powerful ventilation without excessive noise.

6 Inch(150mm)  and 8 Inch(200mm) fans are available with a built in 3 speed controller.

10 Inch(250mm) and 12 Inch(315mm) fans are in available in high and low speed versions. 

Fan Specs

6inch (150mm)
Airflow 410 m3/h
Current 0.2 amps
Power consumption 51w
Maximum Noise Level 64db

8inch (200mm)
Airflow 870 m3/h
Current .06 amps
Power consumption 128w
Maximum Noise Level 71db

Low Powered 10inch (250mm)
Airflow 1480 m3/h
Current 0.9 amps
Power consumption 158w
Maximum Noise Level 72db

High Powered 10nch (250mm)
Airflow 2310 m3/h
Current 1.7 amps
Power consumption 289w
Maximum Noise Level 79db

Low Powered 12inch (315mm)
Airflow 2380 m3/h
Current 1.7 amps
Power consumption 279w
Maximum Noise Level 73db

High Powered 12inch (315mm)
Airflow 3260 m3/h
Current 3.2 amps
Power consumption 534w
Maximum Noise Level 83db

  • Quiet running
  • Powerful
  • Strong but light, easy to hang
  • Very durable
  • Can only use with a step controller
Weight N/A

6 Inch (150mm) 430m3h, 8 Inch (200mm) 870m3h, 10 Inch (250mm) 1480m3h, 10 Inch (250mm) 2310m3h, 12 Inch (315mm) 2380m3h, 12 Inch (315mm) 3260m3h, 14 Inch (355mm) 4800m3/h

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