EasyFeed Modules – Self Watering

Individual EasyFeed modules that allow you to extend your existing system or to run a single plant EasyFeed Module.
If you just want to grow one plant, then simply link the pipe to a suitable nutrient tank via the tap or a tub outlet connector.

As EasyFeed modules have independent float switches, you can mix different sizes no problem.


1 x Tray and Lid
1 x Fabric Pot
1 x Float Switch
1 x 13mm Float Switch Connector
1 x Length of 13mm Pipe
1 x 13mm Tee Connector(to extend existing system)



  • Various sizes
  • Extend existing systems
  • Run single modules
Weight N/A

10 Litre Module, 16 Litre Module, 22 Litre Module, 30 Litre Module

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