FloraMax Root-XS
Root-XS promotes explosive root growth which helps accelerate plant growth and achieve faster crop rotation. The inclusion of organic compounds helps reduce the effects of stress during transplant, this ensures rapid, stable plant growth during all stages of development.  Plants can generally be pushed harder enabling faster crop cycles.
Root-XS produces greener, healthier foliage and fruits with less signs of stress, it will not induce foul residues or odours in the reservoir, nor cause blockages to drippers and filters.  
The unique ingredients used in Root-XS are extremely stable, resulting in greater reliability and consistency for growers.
Suitable as both a root feed and foliar spray.

NPK ratio: 0.3-0-1

Root-XS should be used with every watering at 2ml per litre during propagation and vegetative growth, then at 0.5ml during bloom.
Root-XS can also be applied as a foliar spray, mix with water(ideally filtered) at 4ml per litre and spray cuttings or seedlings 1 to 3 per day. A plant-safe wetting agent such as Optic Foliar Transport can be used when foliar spraying, this will reduce droplet size and improve coverage.

Additional information
Successful growers are well aware that a large and healthy root mass is a fundamental cornerstone for the delivery of consistently high yields.  Root-XS has a unique ability to deliver a thicker, denser root mat with the notable outcome of “transition-less” growth and faster crop speed.  Impressively, this has been achieved without incorporating toxic PGR’s, carbohydrates or other substances that may create messy or undesirable effects in the grow system.

Revolutionary Organic Compounds
Organics are usually supplied to a plant using an indirect animal or plant source such as guano, fish emulsions, kelp meal, etc.  These organic sources can contain hundreds of different organic molecules and the majority of these molecules either provide no nutrient-effect to plants, or act as nuisance chemicals that may cause foaming in the reservoir, biological build-ups, biofilms, odors or blocked drippers, etc.  Furthermore, where beneficial molecules do exist in these organic sources, their concentration is often unreliable and fails to provide consistent benefit to the plant, especially where fast, predictable cropping speed is required.

How does FloraMax differ?  
Over half of the FloraMax additives contain organics, but as analytical chemists, we have been able to isolate specific ‘beneficial’ organic molecules and incorporate them into our additives in a direct, purified, and potent form.  This enables their concentrations to be optimized for maximum nutrient effect with no negative side-effects.  The result is a range of products that produce unique and tangible results without reservoir foaming, build-ups, odours or blockages.

  • For explosive root growth
  • Clean, non foaming formula
  • Contains purified organic molecules
  • Can be root fed or foliar sprayed
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1 Litre, 5 Litre, 20 Litre

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