FloraMax System Maintenance
Prevents blocked drippers and build-up in hydroponics, coco and soil systems

FloraMax System Maintenance is a safe, organic additive for maintaining the condition of nutrient solutions which prevents the blockage of drippers, pipes, pumps and filters.  It also helps stop white deposits from forming in the nutrient solution to increase the reliability of watering systems.
Compatible with all nutrient types including sensitive organics, enzymes and beneficial bacteria.
System Maintenance also serves as a cleaner for tools and system hardware especially during post harvest clean-up and is safe to use from seed to harvest which ensures the growing system delivers consistent yields all year round.

Add to the nutrient solution at a rate of 1ml per litre throughout veg and bloom

Frequently asked
Will System Maintenance improve the effective working life of nutrient batches?
Yes, provided light ingress and evaporation are minimized, shade (or bury) the reservoir to minimize nutrient temperature, and avoid the use of sugary additives such as carbohydrates and molasses.  With a super-stable nutrient such as Veg-1 or VegaFlora and their associated additives, batches can be stored for several weeks or even months provided pH is set well below 6.5 on day 1.  By keeping everything clean – reservoir, drippers, feedlines, pump and filters – System Maintenance will help ensure all plants are being watered properly.

  • Prevents dripper blockages
  • Helps stop mineral deposits
  • Great for cleaning equipment
  • Compatible with all nutrients
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1 Litre, 5 Litre, 20 Litre

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