Finisher from Green Planet is an amazing new additive, designed to enhance your yields by adding weight and improving the flavour and taste of your crops! Green Planet Finisher is a super additive, specially formulated to get the best from your flowering plants. Finisher is a must have product for the last three to six weeks of flowering, designed especially to push your plants to achieve the very best during these critical phases of growth. Finisher is a unique combination of organic enzyme activators, vitamins, L-Form amino acids, fulvic acid, triacontanol and both simple and complex carbohydrates. This one of a kind blend is the result of meticulous research and testing using the finest materials possible. Finisher has no real NPK content and can be use right up until the day of harvest without an issue. Give Green Planet Nutrients' Finisher a try today, we guarantee Finisher will send your yields through the stratosphere.

  • Maximum nutrient uptake
  • Contains Triacontanol
  • Sweeter tasting fruits
  • Sweeter aromas
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1 Litre

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