Newa Jet Water Pumps
High quality submersible multi use water pumps from Newa.

They can be submerged in solutions or used externally out of water, they are very quiet and low maintenance.These powerful little pumps are great for emptying nutrient tanks or replacing old pumps.They are also perfect for low pressure drip irrigation systems or any hydroponic set up. 

How to use
If using inside the tank (submersible) boil a kettle and put chosen pipework into the hot water making the pipework easy to fit of the pump outlet. This will also give you nice tight fit around the outlet after the pipework has cooled. Fit the sucker pads and fit the pump securely into the bottom of the resovoir or tank. You choose the flow setting by turning the inlet dial.

If using externally or dry, remove the front panel using a Phillips screwdriver and fit the inlet adaptor making sure the holes on the inlet adaptor are line up with locking ledges on the body of the pump and then screw in the final part of the inlet adaptor (this doesn’t apply to the 1200 version). As before attach the pipe using hot water. 

Maximum Lift Height    Wattage   Maxium Flow Rate   
Newa Jet 1200 – 1.45m     21            1200 litre per hour      
Newa Jet 2300 – 2.4m       38            2300 litre per hour
Newa Jet 3000 – 2.9m       58            3000 litre per hour
Newa Jet 6000 – 3.6m       70            6000 litre per hour

  • Submersible or external use
  • Very quiet
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable
Weight N/A

NJ6000- 6000 lph, NJ1200 – 1200 lph, NJ2300 – 2300 Lph, NJ3000 – 3000 lph

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