Ona Block
Ona has been destroying odours effectively for many years and is used in hydroponics and commercial applications worldwide. ONA is not only an excellent air freshener it is a true odour neutraliser  effectively eliminating bad smells which comes in multiple fragances. 

How to use
The Ona Block has many applications. You can simply remove the lid and leave in a room where you want the odours to be eliminated, but do not do this in your grow room. You can also place them in the air out ducting or better still, use the ONA Duct Air Filter. Cut the Ona Duct Air Filter into the air out ducting run and place the Ona Block into the hatched compartment. For bigger sized Ona Duct Air Filters multiple Ona blocks can be used if required.

  • Comes in Fresh Linen or Pro
  • Kills odours not masks them
  • Can be put in air out ducting runs
  • Great value for money
Weight N/A

Fresh Linen – 175g Block, Pro – 175g Block, Fruit Fusion – 175g Block

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