Plant Magic Hydro A & B – Base Nutrient
A complete, balanced fertiliser formulated for use in all hydroponic systems including Deep Water Culture, Flood and Drain, NFT and more, it is designed for use in hard or soft water.
Plant Magic Hydro A & B is manufactured from the highest quality ingredients with added calcium, magnesium and trace elements, its fully soluble to avoid blocked pipework and includes premium grade humates for improved microbial activity, root growth and resistance to environmental stress and disease.
Add equal amounts of A & B to the water at 2 to 4ml per litre throughout the growth and flowering stages.
Use with every watering.


  • For all hydroponic techniques
  • Complete fertiliser for grow and bloom
  • Includes humates
  • Fully soluble
Weight N/A

1 Litre A & B, 5 Litre A & B

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