Powerplant Heavy Duty Timer
Normal household timers are not made to take the high inductive loads produced by HID ballasts. If used with a HID ballast the contacts contained inside the timer that open and close the timed circuit will overheat and weld together, causing the timer to fail and leaving your grow lights permanently on. The PowerPlant Heavy Duty Timer is different. 

How it works
It is designed to take high loads and has no problem dealing with the inductive loads produced by a 600w ballast. This means that no separate contactor is required, saving you money. It is a 24 hour, 15 minute segmental timer, with 96 switching operations within a 24 hour period (every 15 mins). The heavy duty contacts mean it can take high inductive loads. It is suitable for timing 600w HID ballasts, magnetic or digital, is very reliable and has a high quality timer unit. Along with a robust case design with socket and timer dust/moisture covers. This unit is ideal for timing 400w and 600w ballasts. Do not use more than one 600w ballast per timer.

  • 24 Hour Timer
  • 15 Minute Timing Intervals
  • Takes up to 6 x 200w CFL Lamps
  • Or 1 x 600w HID Bllast
Weight 1 kg
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