RAM Floor Air Circulator
These high performance fans have a snazzy chrome finish and a 360 degree tilt adjustment as well as variable speed motors. A must have product to ensure even room temperature and as an aid to plant transpiration.

Having good air circulation in a grow room is an important element of any grow room. Not only will the floor air circulator help with distrubuting in fresh air coming in it will clear dirty air away from the underneath the leaf where the plant stomata is. This will help Co2 intake, aiding photosynthesis and improving growth rates.  

Air circulators work in a different way to fans and are the best for moving air within a growroom. The correct way to use them to maximise their performance is to have them tilted upwards.

  • Reliable
  • Powerful
  • Adjustable Speed
  • 9 Inch, 12 Inch or 16
Weight N/A

9 Inch – 230mm, 12 Inch – 300mm, 16 Inch – 400mm

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