The Root Pouch is a fabric pot that allows your plants roots to breath and feed freely, this Grey version can be used for 3 years and washed out before reusing.

The main reason fabric pots are so widely used is to create a better plant by providing a breathable healthy growing environment. Fabric pots, unlike traditional black plastic pots, allow water and air to flow through its walls, nourishing the root structure of the plant. It also does not allow the plants roots to circle once they meet the resistance of the walls of the pot. Instead, through a couple of different means they cause the plant to send out new fibrous roots rather than circle and harm the plant.

  • Grey Root Pouch up to 3 yrs use
  • Free draining
  • Allows roots to breath
  • Plant creates more roots

12 Litre, 16 Litre, 22 Litre, 30 Litre, 39 Litre, 56 Litre, 78 Litre

Root Pouch Grey – Air Pr...


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