SB Plant Invigorator
SB Plant Invigorator consists of a unique formula which combines the benefit of a foliar feed with an environmentally friendly pesticide. 

The foliar feed promotes healthy vigour and helps keep the plant nice and green. The Pesticide controls many pests including Whitefly, Aphid, Spider Mite, Mealybug, scale and mildew. SB can be used on all edible and ornamental crops and is completely non toxic. It is safe for children and pets after application. SB is available in both ready to use format and also concentrate that you can mix yourself.

  • Pests will not become resistant
  • Helps prevent chlorosis
  • Improves leaf colour and vigour
  • Kills spider mite, aphids and white fly
  • Spray until harvest
Weight N/A

500ml Ready to Use, 250ml Concentrate, 500ml Concentrate

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