Secret Jardin TLED Grow Lights
Secret Jardin’s TLED Lights are available in both growing(vegatative – blue spectrum) and blooming(flowering – red spectrum) versions.

2 sizes are available, 54cm – 26 watts or 95cm – 42 watts.

How to use
These grow lamps are ideal for bringing on cuttings, clones and seedlings, as well for growing low growing leafy plants and flowers.

Being very energy efficient, and producing little heat, they are also ideal for use as supplementary or side lighting.

Ready to use from the box complete with various hanging options.

Click here for Installation Video

  • Grow and bloom versions available
  • 26 watts – 54cm or 42 watt – 95cm
  • Cool running
  • Great for cutting and seedlings
Weight N/A

42 Watt – 95cm – Blue – Grow, 42 Watt – 95cm – Red – Flower, 26 Watt – 54cm – Blue – Grow, 26 Watt – 54cm – Red – Flower

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