TA FinalPart – formerly GHE Ripen – Late flowering nutrient / forcing solution

FinalPart is a complete late flowering nutrient/stimulant requiring no additional boosters. It increases flowering and production of active principles, and eliminates nutrient excess.
FinalPart acts in 3 ways:
It sends the plant a strong signal that it is coming to the end of its life; this prompts the plant to accelerate the ripening process.
It forces the plant to strengthen its defences and thus increase essential oil and active principle production.
It delivers all the mineral salts the plants need in a form that is easy to assimilate: in case of a previous accumulation of nitrate or microelements, this helps metabolize residues, which improves taste.
As a “forcing solution“, FinalPart can be used in any circumstance where you need to control or enhance ripening, and at the end of every flowering/fruiting cycle of annual flowers and fruits to maximise yield and flavour intensity.
Outdoors, FinalPart enables you to quickly harvest a  crop before it is spoiled by cold and damp weather.
Indoors, it helps you harmonise the end of the grow cycle by speeding up the ripening of the slowest plants or varieties.
In case of a severe infestation of fungi or insects, it can allow you to accelerate the natural cycle and recover something out of a crop that would otherwise be completely lost.

In hydroponics:
Replace old nutrient solution with pH adjusted water add up to 5ml per litre of FinalPart to match or slightly exceed your previous EC (up to 2.6) and mix well.
Run for 10 days, or as needed, then use FlashClean to finish or harvest your crop directly.
In soil:
Apply in pH adjusted water at up to 4ml per litre to match or slightly exceed your previous EC (up to 2.0). Apply until leaf yellowing occurs and / or ripening is satisfactory.
Then use FlashClean to finish or harvest your crop directly. 

Expert growers can use FinalPart to manipulate water stress to maximise active principal concentration, and minimise splitting in soft fruit culture: target EC 2.6 ms in hydro and target EC 2.0 ms in soil.

  • Enhancers the speed of the ripening process
  • Gives a plant a strong signal that it is coming
  • To the end of its life
  • Can be used in all mediums and hydro systems
  • Use between 5 and 6ml per litre
Weight N/A

500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 10 Litre

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