Uvonair UV-80H In Duct Ozone Generator – 8 Inch – 200mm

Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to eliminate odours. It also kills mould, mildew and bacteria. Uvonair UV is an economical system that produces ozone using special ultra violet light bulbs. Ideal for rooms from 5000 cu.ft. (150 m3) up to 10000 cu.ft (300m3). Fits 8” (20 cm) ducts but can be installed into other size ducts using adapters.

Ozone has a sterilizing effect on bacteria and other pathogens.

Although ozone is a powerful sterilizing agent, it breaks down to harmless  O2, care should be taken not to expose humans, animals or plants to ozone to avoid harm.

  • Neutralises odours, mildews and moulds
  • Should be used with a carbon filter
  • Fits 8inch or 200mm ducting
Weight 7 kg
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