Vegepod – Self Contained Vegetable Garden 

An easy to manage contained raised gardening bed that is perfect for the home. Control your growth and vegetable quality in a separate environment off from the ground and away from pests. This separation from the ground gives you full control over what goes into the soil, so no problem with existing contaminates or runoff from neighbouring properties, just healthy, tasty fruits and vegetables. 

Vegetable and fruit health is ensured with self-watering technology that utilises a wicking system to water the plants from below. Vegepod’s can provide enough water for more than a week of growth.

The Vegepod uses a polyethylene knitted mesh to protect crops from UV and pests. The cover also helps manage temperature by allowing water and air to penetrate, like having a movable greenhouse in your garden.

Vegepod stands are available separately, these raise the Vegepods to waist height making growing and 
harvesting even easier.


Vegepods are suitable for any plants that you would normally grow in beds or greenhouses. It is particularly useful with easily damaged crops like tomatoes, soft fruits, lettuces and many more.

Simply fill the base tray with a good quality compost or coco coir, add plants and water, then sit back and watch them grow.

Another useful feature of the Vegepod is the integral misting bar that can be controlled with a timer or manually.


Vegepod Small
Base tray – 50cm x 100cm with a depth of 26cm
Total height – 103cm
Soil Required – 120 Litres

Vegepod Medium
Base tray – 100cm x 100cm with a depth of 26cm
Total height – 103cm
Soil Required – 240 Litres

Vegepod Large
Base tray – 200cm x 100cm with a depth of 26cm
Total height – 103cm
Soil Required – 480 Litres
Boxed – 101cm x 51cm x 32cm, 23.5kg




  • Grow fruit and veg on a balcony or in the garden
  • Self watering wicking bed system
  • Keep pests and wildlife out
  • Cover protects from weather damage
  • Easy growing, all year round
Weight N/A

Vegepod Small, Vegepod Medium, Vegepod Large

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