When using coco as your growing medium, it is advisable to use a coco-specific nutrient. Coco-specific nutrients, such as VitaLink Coir Classic, contain less potassium in order to take into account the potassium levels released from the media during the growing cycle.

VitaLink Coir Classic is an easy to use one-part nutrient that’s available in either hard or soft water variants and as specific ‘Growth’ and ‘Bloom’ formulas.

VitaLink Coir Classic contains a range of other beneficial ingredients for your plants:
Vitamin B1 – is essential for healthy root development and promoting the general health of your plants. This vitamin is particularly beneficial if your plants have been under a lot of stress.
Humic acid – improves the uptake and transportation of nutrients and mimics natural growth stimulants. This in turn will help to promote fast and healthy plant development.
Fulvic acid – will further increase the absorption capacity of your plants roots. This will assist with your plants overall development and growth.

  • Formulated for softwater
  • Grow or Bloom formula’s
  • Easy to use 1 part formula
  • Made in the UK
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Bloom, Grow


10 Litre, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

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