Adjust-A-Wing Avenger

The Avenger is the top of the range Adjust-A-Wing reflector, not to be confused with the Defender which is the budget version.

Adjusta wing parabolic reflectors offer a versatile solution for all growing situations. Adjusted to wide settings and positioned very close to growing plants for maximum growing power or adjusted to the more narrow setting and positioned further away from growing plants to suit the light and heat requirements of more sensitive plants or plant stages.

Please note!!! These are the premium Original Adjust-A-Wings NOT Cheap, Inferior Copies.

With its Molten Glass and Titanium Oxide coating it reflects 97% of lamp light and maintains its reflective properties for up to 20 Years!

Complete with reflector, super spreader, lamp holder and lead.


  • Use small reflector for 250W to 600W
  • Use large reflector for 1000W
  • Adjust the spread to suit your room/plants
  • One of the best reflectors on the market
Weight N/A

Avenger Large, Avenger Medium

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