RAIN Systems by Alien Hydroponics

The ALIEN RAIN system is a revolutionary automated watering system that replicates rain. The system can be used with soil, coco or any medium of your choice and can be used as a recirculating or RTW (run to waste) system.

The RAIN lid effectively delivers nutrient solution and air in a rain like effect showering down on a large area of the medium. This technique flushes away any residual depleted nutrient salts and replaces with fresh. The RAIN lid shades the top of the medium, masking light penetration therefore preventing the formation of algae. The medium dries evenly and efficiently which enables the root zones to take advantage of all the medium, right up to the surface.

What’s the difference between the “Black Series” and “PRO Silver Series”?

Pro Silver Series features

The patent pending Dual-Flow fittings are an oversized 50mm for a more free flowing system. These fittings are over 3x the internal size of the 32mm. They enable the water to pass through slots located on the sides of the fitting, allowing total drainage of the pot.

Heat-reflective silver 50mm pipe is used vs the Black Series green 32mm.

The pots and lids are also produced from heat-reflective silver polymer.

The Silver Series feature copper plated drain covers which deter the roots from entering the pipework.

Water Tank Size

For 4 to 8 pot systems a water butt of 100 litres is recommended,
For 9 to 18 pots 200 to 300 litres
For 21 to 36 pots 400 to 500 litres
For 48 pots 750 litres

The water butt is not included with the Rain System.


  • Even nutrient distribution
  • Run to Waste or Recirculating
  • Washes away depleted nutrient salts
  • Heat reflective pot
  • 50mm pipework
Weight N/A

4 Pots – 15 Litre, 6 Pots – 15 Litre, 8 Pots – 15 Litre, 9 Pots – 15 Litre, 10 Pots – 15 Litre, 12 Pots – 15 Litre, 15 Pots – 15 Litre, 16 Pots – 15 Litre, 18 Pots – 15 Litre, 21 Pots – 15 Litre, 24 Pots – 15 Litre, 28 Pots – 15 Litre, 32 Pots – 15 Litre, 36 Pots – 15 Litre, 48 Pots – 15 Litre

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