Hailea Water Chillers
It is always important to keep an eye on the temperatures of your nutrient solution. If your hydroponic nutrient solution gets too hot, it can prevent the solution from holding sufficient levels of dissolved oxygen. This will lead to lower crop yields, or worse, destruction of your crop through root disease such as Pythium. 

With a Hailea Nutrient Chiller, keeping your hydroponic nutrient solution at the correct temperature in a hot growroom has never been so easy! You’ll be amazed at how well your garden will do with the right temperatures are maintained. The HAILEA HC-150A, HC-300A, HC-500A and HC-1000A Water Chillers pump the nutrient solution through a cooling unit, and it keeps the water at your desired temperature, ideal for Deep Water Culture or NFT systems. 

HAILEA HC Chillers are easy-to-use with contemporary design. These products require a pump, such as the Maxijet (for the HC-150A Chiller) or the HAILEA HX-8830 (for the HC-300A Chiller). It uses a microcomputer control system for convenience and has a compressor protection device system built to shut off the circuit automatically to prevent the motor from burning out when overloaded. It has an anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator for fresh and salt water, emits low noise while maintaining the selected temperature and uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a. Please note: A pump and connecting tube should be purchased separately with this product.

Why use a chiller?
Hydroponic grow systems are one of the fastest and best yielding methods of cultivation but are very sensitive to high water temperatures.
We can deal with these high temperatures by using ice packs or changing nutrient solution regularly, this isn’t always convenient or practical.
Using a quality water chiller such as Boyu allows the grower to control the temperature of the nutrient solution.

The chiller can be located next to a water tank, a neater solution is to put the chiller on a shelf above the water tank so that the chilled water drops back into the tank, this will also help to keep the nutrient solution mixed. The Newa Jet range of pumps are ideal to pump the water through the chiller via Iceline hose.
A water temperature of 18-20c should keep a plants roots in excellent health but some expert growers use their chillers to promote development of anthocyanins leading to spectacular end results…

Technical Specifications

Model          Pump Flow Rate    Tank Size    Pipe Connection     Dimensions
HC-150A     250 – 1200 lph        100 Litre       13mm                      338 x 218 x 325mm
HC-300A     1000 – 2500 lph      300 Litre       19mm or 25mm       448 x 330 x 440mm
HC-500A     1200 – 3000 lph      500 Litre       19mm or 25mm       475 x 360 x 490mm
HC-1000A   1500 – 4000 lph      1000 Litre     32mm                      520 x 400 x 480mm

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  • Maintains optimum nutrient temperature
  • HC-150A – 150 Litres
  • HC-300A – 300 Litres
  • HC-500A – 500 Litres
  • HC-1000A – 1000 Litres
Weight N/A

HC-150A – 150 Litres, HC-300A, HC-500A, HC-1000A

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