Hailea Air Pumps
Still or stagnant water can be a problem, so its’s always best to keep resovoir or tanks oxygenated. Not only will it keep the nutrient solution aerated when using an air pump an airstone, it will help keep the nutrient well mixed within the water. Using an air pump with high quality airstone is a essential when trying to mantain a healthy root zone.

Our range of Hailea Air Pumps all feature adjustable outputs offering maximum flexibility in a range of outlet options. They are super silent with multi-level muffler. Output is 4mm and power consumption is low.

How to use
Air pumps should always be used with a high quality airstone. Simply attach some airline to the air pump nozzle and then the other end of the airline attach to the air stone nozzle. Then place the airstone into the tank or resovoir. Always remember to have the air pump higher than the resovoir so the water doesn’t syphon down the airline and into the air pump.

  • Adjustable output air pumps
  • 1, 2, 4 and 8 outlets
  • Adds oxygen to nutrient and water tanks
  • Use in conjunction with an air stone and airline
  • Please keep the air pump above the water line
Weight N/A

Single Outlet – 192 lph, 2 Outlets – 432 lph, 4 Outlets – 600 lph, 8 Outlets – 960 lph

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