Boyu Ceramic Airstones

Still or stagnant water can be a problem, so its’s always best to keep resovoir or tanks oxygenated. Not only will it keep the nutrient solution aerated, it will help keep the nutrient well mixed within the water.

How to use
Simply attach some airline to the air pump nozzle and then the other end of the airline attach to the air stone nozzle. Then place the airstone into the tank or reservoir. Always remember to have the air pump higher than the reservoir so the water doesn’t syphon down the airline and into the air pump.
This airstone sits flat on the bottom of the tank which stops it from rattling and making noise.

  • 4 Inch, 6 Inch or 8 Inch
  • Great in all systems
  • Heavy, sits flat in the tank
  • Doesn’t rattle and make noise in the tank
  • Adds oxygen to nutrient and water tanks
Weight N/A

4 Inch – 100mm, 6 Inch – 150mm, 8 Inch – 200mm

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