Back Draft Shutters 
A Back Draft Shutter can be installed into your ducting near the inlet and outlet holes of your grow room, and will control the air allowed to enter and escape when your fans are off. Two aluminium blades are fitted internally and have a spring to hold them closed against the rubber lining, whilst your fans are off. When your fans turn back on, the pull of air will simply open the blades and allow the air to flow easily through your ducting. These are great for grow rooms that get cold at night and will seal all inlet and outlet holes automatically when your fans turn off, to keep temperatures adequate and odours escaping.

How to install
Simply place the correct size ducting over the end of Back Draft Shutter and fasten with a jubille clip or some X Weave tape making sure the flaps are pointing in the right direction. If fitted incorrectly the shutters flaps will be closed all the time closing off the air flow.

  • If fans are turned off, no backflow
  • Stops odour escaping
  • Available in all popular sizes
  • Simple installation
  • Make sure its fitted in correct direction
Weight N/A

4 Inch (100mm), 5 Inch (125mm), 6 Inch (150mm), 8 Inch (200mm), 10 Inch (250mm), 12 Inch (315mm)

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