Bio Green Flower Boost

Use Flower Boost as a supplement to normal nutrients


– Bio Green Flower Boost ensures explosive final growth,
– It is a special balanced blend of minerals and other essential nutrients such as aminoacids, which stimulate flowering and nourish flowers in a way that no other fertilizer has achieved.
– Bio Green Flower Boost is a powder that releases substances that have a very beneficial effect on energy metabolism.
– Precisely this energy is very important in the final phase of flowering.


1-2 bags for 100 litres. Set the nutritional value to EC 1.2 Distribute the Shooting Powder in the last three weeks before harvest. Distribute 1 bag for 100 litres 3 weeks before deadline. Distribute 2 bags for 100 litres 2 weeks before deadline. Avoid overdosing. Composition NPK 0-31-21 + Mg, potassium compounds, kieserite, vitamin B2, amino acids, microelements mixtures, sugar Contents: 75 grams Store in a dark and frost-free place. In the event of eye contact rinse eyes immediately with water. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Powerful flowering booster
  • Contains essential minerals
  • NPK ratio 0-31-21
  • Added Magnessium
Weight N/A

Single Satchet, Box of 6 Satchets

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