Canna Aqua Flores
The Aqua range had been developed especially for recirculation systems such as GHE’s WaterFarm N.F.T. systems and DualFlow. Due to the circulation of the water the nutrients are reused and therefore you need less water and nutrient. Aqua contains sicilic acids, humic acids and fulvic acids. It is rich in trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. As a result it is capable of forming a semi-permeable membrane on the roots, which improves the capacity of the plant to absorb water and nutrients. This ensures excellent resistance against diseases and a perfect bloom.

How to use
Always use equal parts of both A and B never one more that the other. You can you use either the less accurate ml’s per litre technic or for more accurate nutrient and additive dosing use a high quality EC meter like the ones from Essentials or the Bluelab Truncheon. Never mix nutrients straight out the bottle making sure that they are added to the nutrient tank, bucket or jug in turn and mixed thoroughly in water before adding the next nutrient or additive. Remember always to use a pH adjuster after you’ve mixed the additive and nutrient solutions.

Canna Aqua Flores Feeding Schedule

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  • 2 part hydroponic nutrient
  • Market leading brand
  • Especially designed for recirculating systems
  • Compatible with most other companies additives
  • Gives excellent results
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1 Litre, 5 Litre, 10 Litre

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