Christmas Propagation Kit with Light

An ideal present for the keen gardener in your life!

At Christmas it would be nice to clone yourself to get all those tasks done, unfortunately this isn’t possible(yet!), but with this gift bundle your gardener will be able to clone some plants.

This kit has all you need to get those cuttings rooted and ready for the spring including a propagation light.


1 x Clonex 50ml Rooting Gel
1 x Clonex Mist 750ml Rooting Spray
2 x Scalpels
1 x Root Riot 24 Cubes and Tray
1 x Stewart Medium Heated Propagator
1 x Sunblaster T5 12 Inch Complete Propagation Light

  • Clones for Christmas(or just after!)
  • Everything required for rooting cuttings
Weight 4.323 kg
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