Xmas House Plant Bundle

An ideal gift for the green fingered indoor gardener or, indeed, the friend or relative that aspires to having a home full of lovely, calming vegetation!

We have put together a variety of plant feeds and soils that are suitable for most, popular house plants, there is even some feed for your Poinsettia to help keep it going until next Christmas!


1 x Cactus Focus Feed 100ml
1 x Cactus Soil 8 Litre Bag
1 x Chilli Focus Feed 300ml
1 x Green Future Organic Tomato Fertiliser 2 Litre(great for most veg)
1 x Houseplant Myst Foliar Feed 100ml
1 x Houseplant Soil 8 Litre Bag
1 x Orchid Focus Grow Feed 100ml
1 x Orchid Focus Bloom Feed 100ml
1 x Perlite 10 Litre Bag
4 x Poinsettia Drip Feeders 38ml

  • A gift for the indoor gardener
  • Grow a wide range of house plants
Weight 21 kg
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