These fan controllers from Control Freak combine the quiet operation of hybrid step controllers with the adjustabilty of standard type dual controllers.

Standard fan controllers clip the AC sine wave(voltage) to slow down the fan speed, this causes buzzing and can also reduce the life of the fan.

Dynamic Frequency Controller’s stretch the AC sine wave smoothly to reduce fan speed, this means there will be no buzzing, better effiency and longer fan life.

These controllers also have an advantage over the hybrid step controllers in the ability to adjust the fan speed between 10% and 100% ie. 90 steps, whereas step controllers only offer 5 steps, this means smoother changes of fan speed with more control.




  • Saves energy
  • Run AC fans with no buzzing
  • 10-100% fan adjustment
Weight N/A

3 Amp, 7 Amp, 13 Amp

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