RVK Fans From Systemair 
Nothing in this industry is as reliable as a RVK fan. The Systemair RVK range of fans are the industry standard and are both quiet and powerful. Designed as low wattage, but high output and designed to handle both low air volume hobby use and high air volume commercial use. Full 1 year guarantee and a 2 year warranty on the motor. Price includes mounting bracket for easy installation.   

Lead Options

RVK Fans now come with an IEC Male connector fitted so that you can plug and play using a kettle lead.

If you want to wire directly, simply remove the lead and connector 

Use the lead option to choose whether you require the fan with or without a 2m kettle lead.

Fan Specs

RVK 4inch A1 (100mm)
Airflow 184 m3/h
Current 0.171 amps
Power consumption 29w
Maximum Noise Level 34db

RVK 5inch A1 (125mm)
Airflow 220 m3/h
Current 0.172 amps
Power consumption 29w
Maximum Noise Level 37db

RVK 5inch L1 (125mm)
Airflow 323 m3/h
Current 0.26 amps
Power consumption 61w
Maximum Noise Level 43db

RVK 6inch A1 (150mm)
Airflow 424 m3/h
Current 0.261 amps
Power consumption 60w
Maximum Noise Level 40db

RVK 6inch L1 (150mm)
Airflow  720m3/h
Current 0.5 amps
Power consumption 115w
Maximum Noise Level 44db

RVK 8inch A1 (200mm)
Airflow  796 m3/h
Current 0.47 amps
Power consumption 107w
Maximum Noise Level 41db

RVK 8inch L1 (200mm)
Airflow 1008 m3/h
Current 0.7 amps
Power consumption 160w
Maximum Noise Level 44db

RVK 250L1 (250mm)
Airflow 1080 m3/h
Current 0.7 amps
Power consumption 159w
Maximum Noise Level 41db

RVK 315A1 (315mm)
Airflow 1360 m3h
Current 0.773 amps
Power consumption 176w
Maximum Noise Level 52db

  • Very durable
  • 4,5,6,8,10 and 12 inch available
  • Standard(A1) and High(L1) flow options
  • Also known as SILEO
  • Market leader in this style of fan
Weight N/A

4 Inch A (100mm) – 184 m3/h, 5 Inch A (125mm) – 220 m3/h, 5 Inch L (125mm) – 323 m3/h, 6 Inch A (150mm) – 428 m3/h, 6 Inch L (150mm) – 720 m3/h, 8 Inch A (200mm) – 796 m3/h, 8 Inch L (200mm) – 1008 m3/h, 10 Inch L (250mm) – 1080 m3/h, 12 Inch A (315mm) – 1360 m3/h

Lead Option

With Power Lead, Without Power Lead

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