Systemair Revolution Super Silent Vector EC Fan

The Super Silent EC Revolution fans combine power and efficiency with peace and quiet.

Manufactured in Europe with state of the art EC technology, the Super Silent Revolutions are the most reliable, durable and quietest extractor fans for your indoor cultivation environment.

Unlike traditional motors, EC motors improve efficiency and use half the power when at half speed unlike AC counterparts. Alongside an aerodynamically optimised impeller and custom-built guide vanes, the Super Silent Revolution provides much larger air flows and greater performance under pressure than traditional duct fans.

With sealed steel housing to prevent leaks for your peace of mind, the Super Silent Revolution is the market leader in silent fans, running at a lower decibel than competitors products in a test environment.


315 EC Fan – Max Air Flow 3784 m3/h – Max Wattage 528w

355 EC Fan – Max Air Flow 5929 m3/h – Max Wattage 738w


  • Extremely powerful fans
  • Lower noise than rivals
  • Uses less power
  • Easy to control speed
Weight N/A

315mm 12 inch – 3748 m3/h, 355mm 14 Inch – 5929 m3/h

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