Revolution Vector EC Fans

These are an EC(electronically commutated) fan, meaning they combine AC and DC voltages.

In practice this means:

*Speed control is easily achieved

*Very efficient with low power consumption

*High power airflow

As these fans are very powerful air movers, we suggest the use of perforated ducting on the inlet/air to stop your plants being blasted with cold air.


A dedicated EC Vector Fan Controller is used to control the temperature via the speed of the fans, combined with a Digital EC Fan Balancer you are able to optimise negative pressure in your grow room or tent.

EC fans are intelligent devices using integrated motor electronics, ensuring that the motor always runs at optimal load. With EC motors the proportion of energy utilized effectively is higher, which as a result reduces the energy usage considerably, compared with AC motors.

Another special feature of EC fans is their energy-saving potential not only at full load, but especially when speed controlled, i.e. at part load. When operating at part-load, the energy used is much lower than with an asynchronous motor of equivalent output.
Reduced energy usage guarantees a drop in operating costs.


  • Easy temperature control
  • Low power consumption
  • Great airflow
  • Powerful yet quiet
  • 2 year warranty
Weight N/A

6 inch/150mm – 781m3/hour, 8 inch/200mm – 1332m3/hour, 10 inch/250mm – 1822m3/hour, 10 inch/250mm High Power – 2077 m3/hour

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