Mountain Air EC Whisper Silenced Fans with Fan Controller

These high performance fans are ideal if you are looking for great airflow with whisper-quiet operation.
The dual impeller and turbine-style inlet are designed to optimise pressure throughout the fan housing, improving airflow when paired with long or complex ducting runs. Courtesy of the insulated housing, the EC Whisper High Speed fan delivers class-leading performance whilst remaining extremely quiet, even at full power.

As with other EC fans, Whisper Fans offer large power savings especially when running at less than full power.

One feature that makes these EC Fans stand out from the competition is that they are supplied with a multi function fan controller.

MountainAir EC Fan Speed Controller

The digital 3-mode environmental controller is made for use with the MountainAir EC Whisper Fans to provide users with total control.

Mode 1:  This mode allows for manual control of the fan’s speed, simply turn up or slow down the fan as required

Mode 2: This mode allows temperature control, place the built in temp sensor where you wish, set the maximum temperature and the controller will speed up and slow down the fan as needed. When the correct temperature is achieved, the fan will slow down to the reqiured minimim speed.

Mode 3: This mode is the same as mode 2 but the fan will stop when the correct temperature is achieved, very useful if you need to save power or noise by stopping the intake fan.


As the fan controller is supplied with each fan, you have independent control of each fan.

Specification and Dimensions

6 Inch – 150mm, 594 m3/h, 45 Watts 
580mm x 210mm – approx. 5kg

8 Inch – 200mm, 1205 m3/h, 75 Watts
720mm x 275mm – 9.75kg 

10 Inch – 250mm, 1808 m3/h, 135 Watts
770mm x 330mm – 11.5kg

  • Low power consumption
  • High power output
  • Super quiet operation
  • Improved air flow
  • Supplied with Fan Controller
Weight N/A

6 Inch – 150mm – 594 m3/h, 8 Inch – 200mm – 1205 m3/h, 10 Inch – 250mm – 1808 m3/h

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