Systemair Revolution Vector EC Silenced Fan and Filter Kits with Speed Control

If you need high performance with low noise from your fan and filter, then look no further!

The kit includes

Systemair Revolution Vector EC Silenced Fan

The Revolution Silenced fan range is possibly the highest specification fan in the industry, it uses the Systemair Revolution EC fan which is then enclosed in an acoustically engineered silenced body.
The bespoke acoustic housing halves the noise of the standard fan without any reduction in air flow – even with the normal pressures of a grow room environment.   

The Revolution EC fan uses state of the art EC technology to make it more powerful and over 50% more efficient than standard AC fans with no humming or buzzing at low speeds. These fans are the most efficient powerful duct fans of their size. They can be precisely controlled with an EC Controller to get complete control over your grow room environment.

To see what makes these fans so good click here

CarboAir 60mm Bed Carbon Filter

CarboAir 60 has been designed to deal with higher concentrations of VOCs in the exhaust air from medium and larger grow environments.

CarboAir 60 has a deeper carbon bed of 60mm and a longer body. This provides a longer contact time between the air and carbon removing higher concentrations of VOCs. The 60mm carbon bed of virgin activated granular carbon has been developed to last under harsher conditions.

GAS EC Speed Controller

The GAS EC speed controller is the perfect way to control the speeds of two EC fans.
Powered from the fan there is no need for a power pack.

Precisely set your intake fan speed
Control the maximum speeds of two fans
Precisely set your outtake fan speed
Balance your fans, to achieve the required negative pressure
Plugs directly onto Systemair’s EC fan range

Acoustic Ducting

Flexible aluminium ducting with a layer of noise reducing insulation to help aid noise reduction of both the ducting and fan.

5 metres of acoustic ducting are supplied with the 6 inch and 8 inch kits

10 metres of Sonoduct are supplied with the 10 inch and 12 inch kits

Fast Clamp

For a professional fit between fan and filter that also reduces noise and vibration.

Jubilee Clip

Perfect for joining the ducting to the fan

  • High power, low noise
  • Includes speed controller
  • Matched filters
  • Use less electricity
  • No humming
Weight N/A

6 Inch (150mm) – 796m3h, 8 Inch (200mm) – 1332m3h, 10 Inch (250mm) – 1822m3h, 10 Inch (250mm) – 2077m3h, 12 Inch (315mm) – 2163m3h

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