Systemair/CarboAir Fan and Filter Kits

Our fan and filter kits combine high quality components and are perfectly matched to ensure optimum airflow and odour control.

They come complete with a Systemair RVK fan, 2 metre power lead, CarboAir carbon filter, 3 jubilee clips and 5 metres of aluminium ducting.

These filters from CarboAir have been developed in conjunction with Wilco Industries and Systemair, the leading manufacturer of fans.

The carbon used is a granular virgin activated carbon which offers the weight saving of flaked carbon without having to line the inside of the filter with nylon(to stop the carbon falling out!), this means air flow in not compromised and neither are yields.

Granular carbon also offers better air flow, like pelletized carbon, meaning more consistent results for longer.

Systemair have tested and quality approved these filters for your peace of mind.

If you would like to see how well CarboAir Filters are made and why they are one of the world’s best carbon filters watch this video.

We ensure that the CarboAir filter can easily handle the air flow offered by the RVK fan.

Systemair RVK fan Air Flow Rates and matching CarboAir Carbon Filter

RVK100A  –  4 inch   –   184 m3h  with  CarboAir C50  4 inch/100mm 330mm Long

RVK125A  –  5 inch   –   220 m3h  with  CarboAir C50  5 inch/125mm 330mm Long

RVK125L  –  5 inch   –   323 m3h  with  CarboAir C50  5 inch/125mm 330mm Long

RVK150A  –  6 inch   –   424 m3h  with  CarboAir C50  6 inch/150mm 330mm Long

RVK150L  –  6 inch   –   720 m3h  with  CarboAir C60  6 inch/150mm 660mm Long

RVK200A  –  8 inch   –   796 m3h  with  CarboAir C60  8 inch/200mm 660mm Long

RVK200L  –  8 inch   –  1008 m3h  with  CarboAir C60  8 inch/200mm 660mm Long

RVK250L  –  10 inch  –  1080 m3h  with  CarboAir C60 10 inch/250mm 660mm Long

RVK315A  –  12 inch  –  1360 m3h  with  CarboAir C60 12 inch/315mm 660mm Long


  • Industry standard RVK fan
  • CarboAir carbon filter
  • 5 metre ducting and 3 jubilee clips
  • Perfectly matched flow rates
  • 2 metre power lead
Weight N/A

4 inch(100mm) – RVK 100A, 5 inch(125mm) – RVK 125A, 5 inch(125mm) – RVK125L, 6 inch(150mm) – RVK150A, 6 inch(150mm) – RVK150L, 8 inch(200mm) – RVK200A, 8 inch(200mm) – RVK200L, 10 inch(250mm) – RVK250L, 12 inch(315mm) – RVK315A

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