CX Horticulture Mighty Growth Enhancer
By combining different sources of nitrogen(N) with calcium(Ca) Mighty Growth Enhancer promotes a healthy, vigorous growth phase.

It works by increasing the chlorophyll density and increasing the leaf area of your plants, this means the plant can proces more light resulting in  faster vegetative growth, increased food production and a stronger plant capable of producing high yields within a shorter vegetative time frame.

How to use
Always make sure each nutrient and additive goes into the nutrient solution, tank, bucket or jug individually and stirred thoroughly into the water before adding and mixing the next additive or nutrient. Remember to always add the pH adjuster last after the additives and nutrients have been added. It’s good practice to add you additives in first then add your base nutrient until you hit your target EC (if you are using an EC meter).

CX Horticulture Feeding Schedule

  • Healthy and vigorous growth
  • Increased chlorophyll production
  • High in nitirogen
  • Increases leaf area
  • Use at 1m per litre
Weight N/A

1 Litre, 5 Litre

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