CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhancer
The vegetative stage has gone well and you plant has the foundation to hopefully produce a bumper yield. It’s at this point the plants need for more potassium to develop flowers is increased. If the plant doesn’t have the potassium levels that it requires it results in a smaller harvest.

Mighty Bloom Enhancer acts as weight gainer and hardener by converting stored carbohydrates and minerals and sending this energy to the quickly growing flowers helping them fulfill their potential. Use along side Head Masta for even better results, improving the crop quality, flavours and aroma.

How to use
Always make sure each nutrient or additive goes into the nutrient solution, tank, bucket or jug individually and stirred thoroughly into the water before adding and mixing the next additive or nutrient. Remember to always add the pH adjuster last after the additives and nutrients have been added. It’s good practice to add you additives in first then add your nutrient until you hit your target EC (if you are using an EC meter).

CX Horticulture Feeding Schedules 

  • Weight gainer and hardener
  • Improved crop quality
  • Better flavours and aroma
  • PGR free
  • Use at 1ml per litre through flowering
Weight N/A

1 Litre, 5 Litre

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