Garland Garden Trays

These popular injection moulded trays are made from recycled polypropylene and are perfect for holding pots and grow bags, as mixing trays, on commercial Danish Trolley systems or even for the cultivation of micro greens and herbs.
They can be used to catch overspill when hand watering or using drip irrigation, filled with water to bottom feed multiple pots and can also be used in conjunction with the Autopot easy2GO kit for maintenance free feeding over several days.


Garland Garden Trays are resistant to garden chemicals and are available in various sizes to suit greenhouse benches, grow tents and many other spaces.

Of course these trays can be used for other uses, for example, the larger sizes can be ideal for mixing concrete or even as a sandpit for the kids.

The Standard Tray(G16B) can be used as a drip tray for the Garland XL Seed Tray(G153B).


Standard(G16B)               – 57cm x 38.5cm x 5cm      – 9 Litre capacity

59cm Square(G45B)         – 59cm x 59cm x 7cm        – 25 Litre capacity

Titan(G95B)                      – 100cm x 55cm x 15cm    – 65 Litre capacity

Giant(G81B)                      – 110cm x 55cm x 5cm     – 25 Litre capacity

Giant Plus(G82B)               – 120cm x 55cm x 5cm     – 28 Litre capacity

80cm Square(G172B)        – 80cm x 80cm x 12cm     – 76.8 Litre capacity

Metre Square(G112B)       – 100cm x 100cm x 12cm – 100 Litre capacity

1.2 Metre Square(G127B) – 120cm x 120cm x 12cm – 144 Litre capacity



  • Sizes to suit many uses
  • Made from recycled material
  • Can be used with the Autopot easy2GO
  • Catches water run off
  • Tough and durable
Weight N/A

Single, x 100


Standard(G16B) – 57cm x 38.5cm x 5cm, 59cm Square(G45B) – 59cm x 59cm x 7cm, Titan(G95B) – 100cm x 55cm x 15cm, Giant(G81B) – 110cm x 55cm x 5cm, Giant(G81B) – 110cm x 55cm x 5cm, Giant Plus(G82B) – 120cm x 55cm x 5cm, Giant Plus(G82B) – 120cm x 55cm x 5cm, 80cm Square(G172B) – 80cm x 80cm x 12cm, Metre Square(G112B) – 100cm x 100cm x 12cm, 1.2 Metre Square(G127B) – 120cm x 120cm x 12cm

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