IWS Oxypot XL Systems – Multiple Plant DWC Systems
IWS Oxypot XL Systems are a simple to use introduction to the Deep Water Culture (DWC) growing technique. Suitable for beginners and expert gardiners as well, DWC offers exceptional root growth and yields but uses very little media, it uses a rockwool block, some clay pebbles but no soil or coco.  
Oxypot XL’s are available in various configerations and sizes. 

How it works
IWS Oxypots are a DWC (Deep Water Culture) system, they submerge the roots of the plant in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution, encouraging very rapid growth. 
Seedlings or rooted cuttings are planted into a rockwool block, the block is then placed in the 140mm mesh basket so that the top of the block is level with the top of the basket. This is achieved by adding clay pebbles around and below the block. Always make sure that the waterline is about inch below the rockwool block. If the water is too high you could start to develop root rot.

In a DWC System, roots need have reached the water in order to feed, either top feed the plants until the roots reach the water or propagate the plants on a tray until the roots are long enough.
Lids are reversable to allow roots to be placed closer to the water until they have grown.

Blanking cap(s)
Mesh Pot(s)
Air Pump
Air Stone
Air Line

  • Various Sizes Available
  • Great Root and plant growth
  • Simple to use and set up
  • Highy oxygenated systems
Weight N/A

Oxypot XL 1 to 3 Plants – 70 Litre Tank, Oxypot XL+ 1 Plant 6.5 Litre Pot – 70 Litre Tank, Oxypot V6 up to 6 Plants – 70 Litre Tank, Oxypot 4 up to Plants – 110 Litre Tank, Oxypot V9 up to 9 Plants – 110 Litre Tank

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