Ecolizer nutrients offer exceptional growth as well as being fantastic value for money.

This bio-mineral nutrient is fine-tuned to the complex growth pattern of the germinating plant, during which the absorption of the various elements in the growth medium rapidly varies. Ecolizer Basics A+B contains a balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is composed of components of food-grade quality without bulking agents. In principle, the substrate does not have to be rinsed and drained. However, with an eye to a healthy soil life, we recommend that you do this once every fourteen days. Ecolizer Basics A+B is very stabile and economical to use.

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Please note that the Ecolizer range now comes in 1 litre bottles not the old 600ml or 1200ml cans.


  • Use for veg and flower
    Can be used in all mediums
  • Very concentrated
  • Fast growth rates
  • 2 Litre Set – 2 x 1 litre
  • 10 Litre Set – 2 x 1 litre
Weight N/A

2 Litre Set, 10 Litre Set

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