Essential EC Meter
Convenient and easy to use meter specially designed for testing the nutrient solution.  Measuring the nutrient level via an EC meter is much more accurate than using the m/per litre method of feeding plants. Using a meter will give you more control over the amount of nutrients and additives that you are giving the plants and also it can indicate if the plants are actually uptaking the nutrients or they are being over fed. To mantain meter accuracy calibrate this meter every 2 weeks with Conductivity Standard 2.76.

How to use
Simply immerse the meter’s sensor into the nutrient solution and take the reading directly. Allow for the LED display to stop flashing so the reading will be accurate.

Check out the instruction video below.

  • Easy to use and calbrate
  • Accurate and reliable
  • More accurate way of feeding plants
  • Water resistant
  • Temperature compensating
Weight 0.17 kg
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