Future Harvest Ton O Bud
Designed to add weight and density in the middle stages of flowering. Not only will you notice the difference come harvest time, but it’s visibly noticed during the weeks of use too. 

Ton O Bud is a finely milled granular formula that is extremely soluble and will dissolve fully even in cold water. Suitable for all feeding schedules, grow media and hydro systems . Highly concentrated, it can replace all other Phosporous and Potassium (PK) supplements. 

How to use
Ton O Bud is used in the mid flowering weeks 3 and 4 of an 8 week flowering cycle or weeks 4 and 5 of a 9 week flowering cycle. It’s always a good idea to pre mix powdered additives in a glass of water before adding it to the main nutrient tank, this makes sure that everything is dissolved with no lumps in it.

Always add additives into the nutrient tank first, then add the base nutrient until you get to the target EC, finally use a pH adjuster to correct the pH level.  

It’s always recommended to use a high quality EC meter like the one from Essentials or the Bluelab Truncheon  for accurate nutrient and additive dosing aswell as an electronic meter for accurate ph readings.

Ton O Bud is the second of three powdered additives from Future Harvest. They do complement each other very well. Bud Start is the early pK flowering booster and Bud Boom is the late flowering pK booster.

Future Harvest Feeding Schedule

  • Works on all grow media and for all methods
  • Massive increases in bulk
  • Improved harvests
  • Middle to late stage flower additive
  • Bigger flowers
Weight N/A

100g, 500g, 1 Kg, 10 Kg

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