Correx top plate for Gro Tank systems. These are available for all the NFT Gro Tanks sizes. We only sell the black or silver coloured top plates, this is so it blocks the light from hitting the plants roots. 


GT205 – 55cm x 36cm – Silver

GT424 – 109cm x 49cm – Black

GT604 – 151cm x 49cm – Black

GT901 – 210cm x 50cm – Black

GT100 – 104cm x 104cm inc. Tank Cover


  • Black or Silver
  • Stops light penetration
  • Allows roots to grow freely
Weight N/A

GT205 – 55cm x 36cm – Silver, GT424 – 109cm x 49cm – Black, GT604 – 151cm x 49cm – Black, GT901 – 210cm x 50cm – Black, GT100 – 104cm x 104cm inc. Tank Cover – Silver

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