Sylvania Grolux Lamps
Sylvania Grolux Lamp is a high quality horticultural lamp that gives the grower great versatility. 

How they work
These colour adjusted Grolux lamps offer a broader spectrum of light making it an ideal lamp for plant growth and flowering making it the most popular HPS on the market. These bulbs are sometimes called a dual or full spectrum lamp with it’s added blue spectrum. They are mainly a flowering lamp, but can be used in the vegetative cycle aswell. The Grolux will deliver on weight, but also will not comprimise on quality.

When using HID lighting we would always recommend using a Metal Halide lamp in the vegetative stage for a more compact plant, then move over to a HPS lamp a week to 10 days into the flowering cycle.

  • Available in 400 Watt or 600 Watt
  • High quality Dual Spectrum Bulbs
  • High pressure sodium bulbs
  • Industry Standard
  • Full crop lighting
Weight N/A

400 Watt, 600 Watt


Single Bulb, Box (12 Bulbs)

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