HydroTops Bioponic Leaf Feed 1 Litre

Bioponic Leaf Feed is formulated to stimulate vigorous leaf growth and lateral branch development in flowering and fruiting plants.
When plants are growing strongly, they may not always uptake nutrients sufficiently via their roots, particularly if the plants have been subject to environmental stress. Foliar feeding the balanced nutrition of Bioponic Leaf Feed along with essential amino acids, enzymes and growth stimulants will help to overcome this issue and helps the plants achieve their full potential

Basic Use

For established plants, mix 100ml of Leaf Feed with 900ml of tepid water then allow to stand for 30 minutes before pouring the solution into a spray bottle.
Spray plant foliage until runoff, this can be done once or twice a week during the vegetative growth period.
For cuttings, seedlings and young plants use Leaf Feed at half strength, 50ml to 950ml of tepid water, stand for 30 minutes, then use as above.

Advanced Use

More experienced gardeners can use Leaf Feed as part of a 4 day combined foliar feeding programme:

Day 1 – Foliar feed Leaf Feed as described above.
Day 2 – Foliar feed a solution of Bioponic Root Stimulator, 10ml to 990ml of tepid water then adjust pH to 6.5.
Day 3 – Foliar feed Leaf Feed
Day 4 – Foliar feed Root Stimulator

This cycle can be repeated weekly during the vegetative growth period.

Never foliar feed in full light as this may burn the developing foliage, always spray in darkness, ideally you should an hour before daylight. For photo period sensitive plants, use a plant safe green light for illumination.
Always store the Leaf Feed concentrate or diluted product away from strong light.

  • Balanced foliar feed for growth
  • Assists with branch formation
  • Contains essential amino acids and enzymes
  • Stimulates leafy growth
  • Realise the plants full potential
Weight 1 kg
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