Vermiculite – Soil Improver

If you need to retain moisture in your soil mix then Vermiculite the perfect addition, it is a natural, sterile, soft mica mineral with excellent water retaining and insulation properties.
It has a high cation exchange capacity which means it will slowly release nutrients that it has absorbed back to your plant.
Vermiculite can be used for many varied applications including hanging baskets, seed germination, pots, planters, raised beds and can be added to sandy soils or dried out soils to improve water holding.
Our vermiculite grade is V3 Medium, which is a nominal size range of 2 to 5mm and is available in 10 litre and 100 litre bags.


Vermiculite is normally added to compost mixes at a rate of approximately 10%.
Vermiculite also works as an effective top layer over the growing media due to its insulation properties and can help to reduce evaporation, these qualities are particularly helpful for hanging baskets and individual pots or planters.
The same benefits apply to seed trays, vermiculite can also assist in shedding the seed case and can even be used on its own for seed germination.

  • Helps soil retain water
  • Can help reduce evaporation
  • Sterile and safe to handle
  • Perfect for hanging baskets, pots and planters
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100 Litre Bag, 10 Litre Bag

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