Inline DI Resin Water Filter with Resin
These handy filters are a simple way of lowering the mineral content of water, this is especially useful when using humidifiers in hard water areas.
DI Resin Filters can also be used as an additional stage with any water filter to reduce the EC further.

Unscrew both end caps, place a foam insert in either end of the clear chamber and replace the end cap(ensure that the silicon o-ring is located in the cap).
Fill the chamber with the resin, place the remaining foam filter into the chamber and replace the end cap, the DI Resin Filter is now ready to use.
For use with a GrowMax or Reverse Osmosis system, connect to the product water(exit pipe) with 1/4 inch pipe.
If the DI filter is used on its own, connect to a mains tap using a 1/4 inch adaptor.

1 x 200ml DI Resin Pod – 1/4 inch Click Fit Connections
1 x 220ml DI Indicator Resin Pack
2 x Wall Mount Clips
2 x Foam Inserts

  • Removes minerals
  • Reduces hardness
  • Can be used with RO systems
  • Makes humidifiers last longer
Weight 2 kg
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